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's Fachl Hamburg

Mon - Fri: 10-19 Uhr
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Bahrenfelder Straße 79
22765 Hamburg




Chief of boxes: Nils Tönnesen
's Fachl Team: Marit

's Fachl - Moin Moin

Whether young or old - whether small business owner or hobbyist... the 's Fachl does not differentiate here and offers the same possibility to everyone. This is the special thing - you can find the combination in the very individually designed compartments in our shop.

Hamburg is with about 1.8 million inhabitants from 183 countries the second largest city in Germany after Berlin and the largest city in the European Union that is not a capital. The district of Ottensen, which will be home to 's Fachl, changed from the rebellious, multicultural immigrant district of the 1970s to the trendy district of the 1980s and in the 2000s to the more dignified but still culturally diverse city center with attractive shopping facilities. Many old houses have been renovated, and the apartments are in great demand. Instead of shared flats, mainly middle-class families and academics move in. The shopping and nightlife have also changed a lot in recent years and has become a crowd puller, so that visitors now come from all over Hamburg. It is remarkable that Ottensen, despite the diversity of nationalities within its population, is not one of Hamburg's social hotspots, but is popular as a lively district.

If you are interested in renting a box, please call: +49 40 / 30 377 222 (Nils bzw. Marit)


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(*) As a new tenant, you can take advantage of the minimum rent of 5 weeks once. After that, you can decide to extend your stay by 13, 26 or 52 weeks.