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's Fachl Augsburg

Mon - Sat: 10 - 18

Am Perlachberg 5
86150 Augsburg




Chief of boxes: Anke Rodemer 
's Fachl Team: Anna 

's Fachl Augsburg

Augsburg - between Wertach and Lech, home of the Fuggers and Welsers, university city, Fuggerstadt with the oldest existing social settlement in the world, home of Jim Knopf and the Urmel, one of the oldest cities in Germany, city of peace and, since 2019, also holder of the Unesco World Heritage Site with its water management system. Right here, at Perlachberg 5, between the historic Stadtmetzg and the Renaissance town hall with Perlachturm, you'll find Fachl Augsburg. A place where the passion and heart and soul of all our tenants can be felt. With around 250 exhibition spaces, there is something for everyone!

Fachl master Anke was born in Augsburg and has deep roots in the city and the region. The people are close to her heart and she wants to give something back to her home. With her Fachl'n, she offers small businesses, regional manufacturers and hobbyists the opportunity to present their products in a charming ambience. Because if you manage to sell your products to the quality-loving people of Augsburg, you can gain a foothold anywhere.

The 's Fachl concept is unique and something special in Augsburg's city centre. A little bit inconspicuous from the outside, but all the more diverse on the inside - an insider's tip! It's only a few minutes' walk from the tram and car park to the shop. Let yourself be surprised!

If you are interested in renting a Fachl, write us a message at augsburg@sfachl.de or contact us at: +49 176 709 314 04 . You can also send a request online: Fachl request


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