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's Fachl Dornbirn

Tue - Fri: 9-18 Uhr
Sat: 9-13 Uhr

Marktplatz 10
6850 Dornbirn


Chief of boxes: Gertraud Gächter
's Fachl Team: Simon, Sarah & Lana


's Fachl meets the rural area

A brilliant marketplace!
Regional, creative, culinary, artistic, extraordinary, novel, trendy, beautiful, interesting 's Fachl is a special place where you can find the extraordinary, interesting, novel, exciting, beautiful, exquisite, useful, trendy and unique products.
That's why we make every effort to put together the constantly changing assortment so carefully that there is always a balance of design objects, delicacies and generally creative things. In any case, the products are produced with great dedication and love and are waiting to be discovered.

Are you still producing or already selling?

Rent your own Fachl

Prices incl. 20% USt

(*) As a new tenant, you can take advantage of the minimum rent of 5 weeks once. After that, you can decide to extend your stay by 13, 26 or 52 weeks.