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's Fachl Karlsruhe

Mon - Fri: 10 - 18
Sat: 10 - 16

Ritterstraße 3
76133 Karlsruhe
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Chief of boxes: Sebastian Metz

's Fachl in the fan city

With 's Fachl, the Baden fan-shaped city of Karlsruhe gets a few more fans. In the more than 300 's Fachl' in the shop at Ritterstraße 3, you can discover unique, regional and interesting products.

Chief of boxes Sebastian, a native of Karlsruhe, thus creates an extraordinary place for small producers and manufactures from the region to showcase their creative products. If you are looking for something special for yourself or want to give someone a treat, you are guaranteed to find it in this variety of beautiful things.

Ritterstraße is one of the fan streets in Karlsruhe and is located just a few minutes' walk from the castle, right in the heart of the city. 's Fachl Karlsruhe is easily accessible by public transport, bicycle, on foot or by car. Sufficient parking spaces are available in the nearby KARSTADT multi-storey car park (access via Zähringerstraße).

If you are interested in renting a Fachl, send us a message at karlsruhe@sfachl.de or contact us at: +49 176-70732861. You can also send a request online: Fachl request


Are you still producing or already selling?

Rent your own Fachl

Prices incl. 20% VAT

(*) As a new tenant, you can take advantage of the minimum rent of 5 weeks once. After that, you can decide to extend your stay by 13, 26 or 52 weeks.