Why we do this!


It is fun for us to develop the ‘s Fachl concept and we can experience every day how many amazing people are out there creating unique products and we think those products need to be admired and moreover showed to everyone. Away from the big concerns and enterprises we would like to offer a comfortable place to browse and find something special, which you will never find in any other shop. That's why we created 's Fachl and have been overwhelmed since the beginning by the popularity of our products, so we are happy that we can do this every day, with you and for you.

Who we are

Christian Hammer

founder 's Fachl

Together with Markus, Christian had the idea to introduce “’s Fachl”. Every day he is busy improving our IT system and pushing the national and meanwhile also international expansion. He is always happy to receive news about new, great and exciting content about the different ‘s Fachl shops.

Markus Bauer

founder 's Fachl

Max is the location master-mind. He makes sure that there is always enough of everything, that everything runs and works. Of course he also always keeps his eyes open for new and surprising ‘s Fachl-content ...

Tamara Kattinger

's Fachl Administration / Webshop

Tamara is our allrounder, she takes care of organizational matters and supports Christian and Markus in their daily tasks. Furthermore, she coordinates our 's Fachl webshop.

Roland Huber

's Fachl Expansion Germany

Roland is the contact person for the expansion in Germany. In addition, he is also a chief of boxes in Salzburg, he knows 's Fachl from the very beginning and is - in addition to his many years of experience in business development - the perfect partner for the distribution of 's Fachl.

's Fachl Story


In July 2015, inspired by a TV report, the idea was born to create a place where people can rent a sales area with as little risk and financial resources as possible, geared towards unusual and lovingly produced products from small and regional producers. The idea was born. We decided to implement it: brand, website, administration system and location search. Within 3 months, in October 2015 all this was done and the first location in Vienna was opened.

Due to the great media interest and numerous interviews, the first inquiries from interested parties for new locations came in early 2016. Thus four more locations have opened in 2016.

The expansion in Austria has been continued in 2017 and € 1,000,000 has already been paid out to regional producers.

In the following year 2018 we opened the seventh 's Fachl shop and the first ‘s Fachl in Germany. Additionally, 10 's Fachl corners (shop-in-shop concepts) also opened. By the end of 2018, € 3.000.000,- had already been paid out to the producers, who rented a box at any ‘s Fachl shop.

In 2019 the first location in Switzerland was introduced and over 800,000 products were sold. The income of the producers has risen to over € 7.000.000,-.

2020 is full of plans concerning locations, improvement for customers, new projects and development.

We inspire with great products from great producers. All our chiefs of boxes are very passionate about their shops. That's why we are looking for you, and we would be happy if you would get in touch with us and also start being passionate about what you are doing: Being part of the ‘s Fachl-family.