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's Fachl St. Gallen

Tue - Fri: 10-18:30 
Sat: 10-17 

Schmiedgasse 19
9000 St. Gallen


Chief of boxes: Coco Künzle

's Fachl says Grüezi

The 's Fachl St. Gallen is located in the middle of the picturesque old town of St. Gallen. The 's Fachl concept combines creativity, individuality, enjoyment and quality in a unique way!

Whether young or old - whether small business owner or hobbyist... the 's Fachl does not make a difference here and offers everyone the same opportunity. The 's Fachl is a special place, with special products for special people - people like you.

If you are interested in renting a box, please send us a short information under st.gallen@fachl.ch or by phone under : +41 79 / 687 84 09