's Fachl Ahrensburg

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Rathausstraße 10
22926 Ahrensburg
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Chiefs of boxes: Elisa & Anna 

's Fachl Ahrensburg

Ahrensburg in Schleswig-Holstein is the largest town between Hamburg and Lübeck in the Stormarn district. Located just outside Hamburg, Ahrensburg is a destination for city and nature lovers with its avenues, gardens, parks and adjacent hiking areas.

The town's landmark is the snow-white Ahrensburg Castle, which was built around 1595 in Renaissance style and still preserves the historical heritage of the 18th and 19th centuries as a museum.

Only about 15min from Ahrensburg Castle, in the centre of town, is the new 's Fachl Ahrensburg with many lovingly made products, creative items and homemade delicacies from the culinary realm.

If you are interested in renting a Fachl, send us a message at ahrensburg@sfachl.de or contact us on: +49 178 3460018. You can also send a request online: Fachl request


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