Frequently asked questions

Rent a box

What exactly is a Fachl (Box)?

We call a sales space a 'Fachl' respectively a Box. You can rent a Box and sell your products in our shops. The usual Box is a fruit-box made out of wood.

Are there any other sales spaces than fruit boxes?

In Addition to our boxes we have tablespace for rent. Some of our shops offer wall space, clothes hangers and fridge space. Please contact the on-site Chief of Boxes to find a suitable solution. 

What's the size of a sales space?

A box measures 50x40x30 cm (LxHxD).

How can I rent a box?

You can just stop by at our shop or you can call/ e-mail us. We are happy to explain the next steps and provide the rental contract. 

Can I rent more than one box?

Yes absolutely. You can rent various boxes at the same time as well as boxes at several shops.

What's the rental duration for a box?

As a new Box-Renter you can choose a 5-week-rent period once. Thereafter you can extend by 13, 26 or 52 weeks.

When does the rental period start?

The rent starts individually on an agreed date, which is recorded in the rental contract. 

Does the rent extend automatically?

No, the rent ends after the agreed duration unless you extend the rent latest 3 days prior to rental end.

When and how can I extend my rent?

You can extend your rent anytime in your online portal, but at least 3 days prior to the agreed end date in your rental contract.

What are the periods of cancelation?

There are no cancelation periods. If you do not extend the rent, your contract will automatically expire at the agreed rental end. 

How to sell products

Can I offer my products at several shops at the same time?

Yes, indeed. The great advantage of our constantly growing network is that you can offer your products nationwide without much extra effort. 

How do my products reach you?

If you live closeby, simply bring your products to our shop. Otherwise you can send them as package. 

Can I decorate my box myself?

Sure!  There are almost no limits to your creativity when it come to designing and decorating your box. You are welcome to add business cards or flyers. If you need support, we are happy to help you! Just come by and we will find a suitable solution. If you don't live nearby, you are welcome to send us a photo of how you imagine your box to look like.

Who sets the price for my products?

You set the price for your products yourself.

What are the steps to the sales launch?

First of all you need to sign a rental contract with us. After that you willl receive a log-in for the online portal (Fachl system) and labels with bar codes to mark your products. The products must now be labeled and entered into the Fachl system. Afterwards you bring your products or send them to us. Ready, set, go - the sale can start now.

I already use EAN codes for my products. Can these also be used in the Fachl system?

If you already have your own EAN codes, you can use them to edit your products in the Fachl system. 

There is no possibility to enter the products in the Fachl system myself. Do I get support?

We are happy to support you. However, please understand that we charge a expense allowance of € 12,- respectively CHF € 12,- (incl. VAT) per delivery.

Do I have to register a business in order to offer my products at a ’s Fachl shop?

Usually a business registration is always required for a commercial sale. Please inform yourself about the legal requirements and regulations before starting to sell your products. We cannot provide any legal or tax advice on this issue.

Do I have to pay tax on my sales income?

Usually all commercial sales must be taxed. Under certain conditions there is a possibility of the small business regulation. Each Box-Renter is responsible for the legally required taxation of the income and should therefore contact the relevant tax office for clarification before starting to sell. We cannot provide any legal or tax advice in this regard.

What additional services can I take advantage of?

As an additional service you can book the storage service for € 5,- respectively CHF 8,- / week (incl. VAT) (starting from 3 boxes at one location the service is free of charge). You simply send us your products, we put them in stock and refill your box as soon as products have been sold. This way you can focus on the production of your goods. Please note that the delivered amount of goods may not exceed the volume of a box, which is 50x40x30cm (L/W/D).

Are my products insured during the rental period?

Your products are displayed at your own risk and are not insured against theft. Also no liability can be taken for transport damages. We do our best to avoid thefts and to keep our Box-Renters satisfied. Of course there is an insurance for fire, burglary and water damage.

Which products am I allowed to offer at a Fachl shop?

Basically any product that can be legally sold may be offered. Please understand that not every product is suitable for every Fachl shop. It is best to just come by and we will be happy to offer advice. 

May I offer food?

Basically you can offer all non-perishable food. However, please inform yourself about the legal regulations before starting to sell your products. Again, we cannot and must not give any advice or information.

What product labeling do I need?

Please inform yourself about the applicable legal requirements before starting to sell. For example, there are certain labeling requirements for food, children's toys and clothes. The manufacturer of the product is responsible for the labeling. Also here we cannot and may not give any advice or information. 

What happens to your products after they reach their best-before date?

If it is required for your product, the respective best-before date must be entered to the Fachl system. The Chief of Boxes will be informed by the Fachl system five days before the expiration of the best-before date. We will then contact you to clarify what should happen with your products e.g. at what price (discount) you would like to sell. Accordingly a sign will be placed at your Box. Goods that have already expired a long time ago will be disposed in agreement with you or sent back against the request of a parcel stamp. The products can also be given out for tasting or sold as a promotion, e.g. '1+1 free'. 

What options do I have for products that don't fit into a Box?

In this case we have special areas and options. Please speak to us so that we can find the right solution for you.

How do I know, if and how many of my products have been sold?

Immediately after the sale of one of your products you will receive a push-message via e-mail. Your own access to the renter portal allows you to see an overview of how many products are still in your Box, how many have been sold and how much revenue you have generated. This way you can refill your Box in time. 

Can I add new and also other products to my Box at any time?

Yes, you can add new products to your Box any time. If you want to change products, please speak to us in advance, so we can ensure a good mix of the product range in our shop.

What if I can't deliver my products at short notice?

This can happen once in a while. Maybe you are having difficulties with your own supplier, are temporarily ill or just on well-deserved holiday. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can find a suitable solution.

Income and fees

How do I get an overview of my income?

Via your access to the renter portal, you have an up-to-date overview at all times of how many products are still in your Box, how many you have already sold and how much revenue you have generated.

When and how can I cash out my balance?

You can have your credit transferred any time after five weeks at the earliest, which takes about five working days or when you have reached a minimum credit of EUR 25,- or CHF 25,-. You can also come by our shop and have your credit paid out in cash. 

What other fees will apply?

In addition to the weekly rent, there is a sales commission of 10% of the sales price. This commission covers fees e.g. ATM and credit card transactions as well as all organizational matters. 

What are the optional services and how much do they cost?

As an additional service you can book the storage service on a weekly basis for € 5,-/week (incl. VAT) (starting from 3 Boxes at a location, the service is free of charge at one shop). This saves you time and allows you to concentrate on the production of your products.

Will I receive a written statement of my income and expenses?

Via your own renter portal you have an up-to-date overview at all times. You can see how many products are still in your Box, how many you have already sold and how much revenue you have created. As soon as a statement with your income and fees due is issued, you will automatically receive a written receipt for your records.

Box-renter portal

What is the renter portal?

After the successful conclusion of the rental agreement, you automatically receive your own online access to the portal. It gives you an up-to-date overview of how many products are still in your Box, how many you have already sold and how much revenue you have created. You can also use the portal to enter your products before they are delivered to the Fachl shop. All written communication during the rental period runs via the portal. Further you will receive information about other locations, about special promotions or the opening of new ’s Fachl-shop.

How do I get access to the renter portal?

You will receive access to the portal right after signing the rental contract. We are happy to explain to you how the online system works and how you can create new products. If you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact us.