Albert Schweitzer Gasse 6 || Ost-Eingang 1.OG || 1140 Wien

Chief of boxes: Sarah Lehner
's Fachl-Team: Dafina, Hannah & Maria

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Sun. closed
+43 660 80 77 659

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"The Best in the West"

More than 150 stores, restaurants, cafés and an entertainment cinema can be found on 60,000m². Like 's Fachl itself, these invite you both to browse in excitement and to linger in comfort. The only difference is that you don't have to walk so far to explore all the lovingly decorated stores.

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Interested in renting a Fachl?
Send us a message at:
 auhofcenter@fachl.at or contact us at: +43 660 80 77 659You can also send an enquiry online: Fachl request

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(*) As a new tenant, you can take advantage of the minimum rent of 5 weeks once. After that, you can decide to extend your stay by 13, 26 or 52 weeks.