Extend the offer with a 's Fachl corner

The 's Fachl-Corner is a modular shop-in-shop concept, developed for existing retail businesses, service providers or restaurants. 's Fachl-Corner is suitable for small and medium-sized empty spaces in existing business premises. Amongst others in restaurants and coffee houses, hotels, thermal spas, shops such as flower shops, gift shops or concept stores, but also care facilities. Currently there are more than 10 'sFachl-corners in Austria, Germany and Switzerland and more are planned.



1. Empty spaces - no longer meaningless at all.
You have empty wall and/or floor space in your store? Then a shop-in-shop concept is the right one for you. Together we can give these areas a meaning and make them attractive - in line with your business concept.

2. Additional income - Why not? 
Just by operating a 's Fachl corner in your business premises, you will receive income for every box rented. You generate further income by selling the products and through additional services, such as the refill service.

3. New customers - a benefit for everyone.
Through a 's Fachl-Corner you get new, excellent and high quality products to sell in your company. You expand your offer and thus the attractiveness of your entire business. This of course attracts new customers.

4. Image enhancement - regionality is success.
Take the chance to offer products from your local area in the 's Fachl-Corner. In this way you support local producers, contribute to strengthening the region, and this increases your reputation in the area.


1. The 's Fachl network - a cooperation based on partnership
We maintain an intensive exchange of ideas throughout 's Fachl network. With our experience we can always help you with advice and support, and with the 's Fachl manual you have all the information you and your team need for the daily operation of your 's Fachl corner.

2. The full equipment - everything must run smoothly.
So that everything runs smoothly, you will not only receive the equipment, i.e. the subjects themselves, but also a worldwide unique administration system as software for PC including training.

3. High quality products - we will refill the shelf
We have more than 5,500 producers in our database and can therefore select the products that suit your company. You decide which products you list, and we put our expertise at your disposal.

4. Marketing - not starting from scratch.
You benefit from our existing communication networks and media channels.

This all sounds interesting? Then get in touch so that we can talk about a cooperation!

Key data about the location (size, free space, website and if applicable pictures, other relevant information etc.) give us a first idea of the possibilities. We are looking forward to your request!

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