How does it work?

At 's CrowdFachl you can submit projects as well as support them. As soon as the support period is over, or the project has already been supported for 52 weeks, we will rent a Fachl at the desired location and the project idea will get the chance to be presented in a 's Fachl shop, thanks to all supporters.
Both project initiator and supporter are always informed transparently about the current status of their project.

Supporting projects

How can I become a project sponsor?

As a project sponsor you can support individual projects with a donation simply and directly by clicking on the "SUPPORT" button online. Donations are forwarded via our payment service provider PayPal.

The s Fachl GmbH manages your donated funds in a separate project account and releases them only to the project initiators if their project meets the verification criteria and if the project has been successfully financed.

What happens with my money?

If the target budget is reached, the project is considered to be fully funded and your money is transferred to the project initiators. The project initiators do NOT have to pay a handling fee to us, so they will receive the FULL amount.

If s Fachl GmbH does not pass on the donation to the project initiators because the target budget or the funding threshold has not been reached, it is up to you to decide what to do with the donated money. The same applies if a fully funded project cannot be implemented and 's Fachl GmbH receives the money back from project initiators (e.g. because of illness of project initiators).

In principle, the project sponsors are automatically proposed other projects with the next highest funding level in relation to the funding threshold in descending order, so that other projects reach the funding threshold.

If you do not support any of the alternatives offered, you can request a refund of the money by e-mail. To do so, you must provide your full identification details (first name, surname, address, bank details, IBAN and BIC).

failed. If you do not react within this period, this will be considered as agreement that you would like to allocate the money to one of the projects with the next highest funding level in descending order of funding threshold. So you do not necessarily have to react by e-mail.

Is my support tax deductible?

No, the support is not tax deductible.

Submitting projects

Why should I submit a project?

With the 's Fachl Crowd we would like to give institutions, schools, clubs and all those who deserve to have their products and services presented a chance.

Meaningful projects are made accessible to many people quickly and easily.

If enough people support your idea, service or product, then you will soon be able to get your Fachl.

How do I submit a project?

After registration we will redirect you to our portal. There you can quickly and easily submit a crowd subject project under "Submit Project" and hopefully very quickly obtain a subject at your desired location.

Which requirements do I need?

Any private person with unlimited legal capacity may submit projects, but associations, organisations, institutes or companies are also welcome. All submitters (whether individuals or organisations) undertake to provide correct and complete information about themselves.

During the approval process we need organizational data to create your profile completely.

In order to be able to purchase a trade at a location in order to sell products there, please inform yourself beforehand about trade licences and possible topics, so that there will be no problems.

  • Projects can only be created by registered users. Only persons with unlimited legal capacity (age of majority, legal guardians, no appointed trustees etc.) or organizations may create projects.

Can I integrate the project into my website?

Yes, you will receive a code snippet for an IFrame for integration on your site with the release.

Can I submit a project if I already have rented a box?

Yes, of course it's possible. If you are already renting a box, you can still submit your project.


To submit and support projects, you need to be registered

If you already have access to the mein.fachl portal, you can log in with your data.

After registration you will be forwarded automatically.