‘s Fachl is based on a “rent-a-box” concept, with the idea of supporting regional and small producers and offering them affordable sales space. Conceived as a franchise business model, we not only provide the chiefs of boxes of 's Fachl shops with a bundle of tools, highly efficient IT solutions and knowledge in addition to the furnishings, but also with ongoing support. This is what makes 's Fachl a success story.

‘s Fachl concept, marketing and technology are a mature and proven business model.

  • 9 main locations (Austria/Germany/Switzerland) 
  • 12 's Fachl corners (Austria/Germany/Switzerland)
  • around 800,000 products sold
  • over 7,1 million € for small producers
  • more than 3,000 rented boxes daily

We are looking for new franchise partners, because we want to grow further! Not at any price, but with you. If you don't just want to do a job, but become part of the idea, you’re on the right track. At the moment we are mainly looking for partners in Germany (Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Leipzig, Essen, Bremen, Dresden, ...), Switzerland (Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Bern, Winterthur, Lucerne), Italy (Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, ...) and Croatia (Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Pula,..). Of course we are also happy to receive inquiries from other cities and countries, since the ‘s Fachl concept is applicable to every country/city. However, you should consider that the number of inhabitants should be at least 80,000.





1. Franchise  – united in the family.

Your business becomes part of the family under the protected brand "'s Fachl". We maintain an intensive exchange of ideas and together we are more than the sum of our parts. In doing so, a cooperation based on partnership is important to us. With our experience we can always help you with advice and support, and with the 's Fachl manual you have all the information you and your team will need for the daily operation of your 's Fachl shop.


2. Organization & technology - everything must run smoothly
We provide you with a worldwide unique administration system including database, so that you are well organized and everything runs efficiently. With the sales software, you are perfectly positioned and well looked after from day one. We also take care of your technical questions. The equipment of the shop is as important as good support. Our structures are flat - our family is well connected: Here we are unbeatable and (almost) always available for you. 


3. Training– you are not alone.
We will train you to become a real and successful chief of boxes. Before you start, you master your craft! You choose your staff yourself, and together we will turn them into chiefs of boxes assistants.


4. Together we think ahead.
We are constantly developing 's Fachl further, working out new concepts and improving features/functions for the tenants on the one hand and for you, our chiefs of boxes, on the other. This makes us unique and demonstrably superior to our competition. This enables us to achieve possibilities that a shop run by itself would never have.


5. Marketing – Don't start from scratch
You benefit from our existing communication networks and media channels. As part of the 's Fachl family, you are also part of this from the very beginning.




1. Passion - enthusiasm for being self-employed.
You don't need a degree in business studies, experience in retail, or a management seminar to become a franchisee. If you understand economic connections and independence is not a foreign word, then we look forward to meeting you soon. The most important contribution to 's Fachl is the passion you put into your own business.


2. Investments - The equipment of the new 's Fachl.
You need about EUR 45.000,- to finance your own 's Fachl. This already includes most of the equipment with original 's Fachl boxes, hardware, software, consumables and marketing material.


3. Income and fees - the shop is running.
A fee of 9-16% of the net sales is charged on the ongoing rental income and the total utilization - depending on customer satisfaction. The sales commission remains entirely with you, like also the income from the refill service and other optional service offersed. You want to be part of the 's Fachl family? Then get in touch with us so that we can talk more in detail about a partnership.


You want to be part of the 's Fachl family? Then get in touch with us so that we can talk about our cooperation!

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  Statement chiefs of boxes 's Fachl Linz



„We very much appreciate the freedom and at the same time security that the 's Fachl concept brings with it. Being able to work independently and enjoy full support, as well as an honest and cordial "together instead of alone" characterizes 's Fachl."

Sabine Reisinger & Michaela Rückl, chiefs of boxes 's Fachl Linz



  Statement chief of boxes 's Fachl Salzburg



"In our cooperation with the licensor, it is the combination of fairness, trust & mutual appreciation which, in addition to the unique concept, gives me the drive to open my "Fachl" every day with joy."

Roland Huber, chief of boxes 's Fachl Salzburg



  Statement chief of boxes 's Fachl Graz



"As a franchisee I appreciate that my ideas and suggestions for improvement are openly discussed and implemented. Furthermore, as a cooperation partner you have an open basis for discussion at eye level with the franchisors, in order to make 's Fachl your business within the concept."

Markus Groß, BSc, chief of boxes 's Fachl Graz & Citypark



  Statement chief of boxes 's Fachl Hamburg



"Highly efficient "IT solution" paired with an "all-round carefree package" relieves us chiefs of boxes enormously."

Nils Tönnesen, chief of boxes 's Fachl Hamburg